NEW Hygiaphone - Plexiglas protection (copy)

Hygiaphone - Plexiglas protection (copy)

Mobile Plexiglas hygiaphone, protection of employees receiving the public against the risks of contamination. This Plexiglas protection for counter, desk or office protects from sputtering, transmission of viruses and germs.

The current production time is 5/6 working days.

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A hygiaphone is a protection that allows people placed on either side of a counter, office, reception to talk to each other while avoiding any contamination. This anti-postille glass protective wall can be used in essential shops where employees are in permanent contact with the public such as pharmacies, shops, medical secretariats etc. This plexi is removable and can be moved easily.

In professional environments that must remain open, some employees are more exposed than others to the risk of contamination. A mobile counter hygiaphone then plays a real hygienic role since it avoids the projection of microbes or pathogenic germs during exchanges between an employee and a customer, a patient, a citizen, ...

In times of pandemic, a Plexiglas countertop protection case is totally indispensable! A real barrier against viruses and bacteria that blocks the risks of transmission and contamination.

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